The 1950's Military Trainer

The Chipmunk brings back fond memories for many people who did their air cadet flying in this iconic aircraft. Introduced in the 1950's it was the RAF primary trainer until the 1970s, and stayed with the military until the 1980s, for the air cadets. A favourite with pilots who love her elegant flying style. ​Our Chippy began its service in Edinburgh in 1952, was civilianised and rebuilt at Duxford in 2000 after several years in storage, and is continuing its life now at Compton. Chipmunk flights are operated by DH Heritage Aviation Limited who are based at Compton Abbas Airfield. 

"I had the pleasure of a flight in your Chipmunk last Sunday, a birthday present from my family.
I wanted to send a sincere thank you to everyone involved - they were friendly, courteous & made the morning feel very personal - customer service as it should be. I loved the flight - it was fantastic. I am already saving for the next flight..."

​Neil Bishopp

Chipmunk 20 minute flight £175.00

Enjoy flying the Chipmunk over the beautiful local countryside...

Chipmunk 30 minute flight £215.00

Enjoy more time in this iconic aircraft over the stunning local scenery...

Chipmunk 45 minute flight £310.00

Travel a bit further afield you'll get fantastic view of the coast and enjoy carrying out a variety of manoeuvres in the air...

Chipmunk 60 minute flight £399.00

With enough time to appreciate views of the Jurassic Coast and the Isle of Wight, this is a really special flight with some of the best views in the UK..

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What does the experience involve?
Start your day by coming in to the Flying School and meeting the vintage team. We'll ask you to fill out a couple of forms. We'll then introduce you to your pilot and ground crew and you'll receive a briefing on safety, the aircraft and its controls as well as choose the area you want to fly over. After cruising around at 2000ft you'll return to base and watch your pilot execute a smooth landing back at Compton. Use this opportunity to take a few photographs, and then finish the experience off by receiving a certificate, to prove to your friends and family that you have done it! If you would like to then we can organise a video of your entire flight which you can purchase as a memento.

For a full range of all our Heritage flights available, please visit our DH Flights Website:

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Because we own and operate the whole airfield here at Compton - we can offer you some of the best prices in the South of England. Why not make a day of it and book a table for lunch or afternoon tea? Uniquely, friends and family can join in the whole experience, from listening in on the briefing to watching the take off and landing from the runway terrace. Just call us if you have any requests and we'll tailor make the day for you. We also have a great selection of gifts in our on-site shop from cufflinks to vintage key rings and "Biggles Bears" that you can purchase in advance or on the day you book the flight. 

Service ceiling: 15,800 ft
Sats: Gypsy major 10 4 cylinder inverted 145hp

Number built: 1284
Cruise: 90 knots